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  • White Belt/Green Belt, The Body's Way, The 52 Moves, Nia 5 Stages, CNO, Master Blender, Icon of Whisky

Angela D'Orazio

Nia Green Belt Teacher
Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Nia is the magic, the fun and the joy, all being created between the music, my body and me.. Si, that's amore!

(My biography in short)
Half Swedish /half Italian, living and working in Stockholm/Gävle, Sweden. 
"When I count my blessings, I count you twice"; I'm happy and in a wonderful relationship with my partner since 2008.
No pro dance background, just some disco gogo dancing in my twenties, a couple of years of flamenco and then later some tango trials and some kick boxing.
When not dancing today; I'm a whisky blender, working with whiskies since more than 20 years. I get to create new whiskies, judge drinks in competitions, to meet a lot of great people and to travel the world, which I love, ALL of it. 

Even so and looking back, something in my life was missing before Nia. I was happy, but a stressed out kind of happy person. I was mind-happy, not like now, a totally body-mind-happy. I often used to injure myself while training. I was quite good at forcing myself to train/move. Which of course didn't give the best of results.

(So then Nia happened to me) 
Some years ago, I went to a dance class in London, with my great friend Cim, who had just become a Nia Teacher.
That class was love at first sight and I felt it immediately; I just had to get more!

Today, my body loves my new "nia life" -and as a result, it has started listen to me on a completely different level. All the joy and all the fun is there.  All the benefits are obvious, and my body tells me so too. Nia dancing is now on mine and my body's can't-live-without-it-list. 
Now I know what I didn't know then... and my body knows it too. Positive muscle memories are being built up, bit by bit, by my Nia training.

Today I have three Nia classes a week in Stockholm, also setting up fun dancing events as often as I can. A world of Nia trainings are at my feet, workshops and knowledge at hand, great dancing friends all over the globe and a network that I, whenever I want and need, can to tap into. Great resources that I use as much as I can.

(My up to date Nia Bio)
I completed my White Belt in London with "my" London trainer Dorit Noble. My Green Belt was completed in 2011 with "my" soul trainer Britta von Tagen. I've also done the great The Body's Way and The 52 Moves Trainings in 2013 with amazing Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas and side-kicks/ powerful trainers Rachael Reisch and Ann Christiansen. I organized and set up the first ever Tribal Workshop with/for trainer Britta von Tagen, in Stockholm, in August the same year. And when year of 2013 ended, it ended with a magical Nia 5 Stages with lovely trainer Laurie Bass in London. How can it get much better than that???

Finally. Here's my year 2014 wish for YOU...

YES! Hey, have a great life and enjoy; and in search for what that is for You and your body...
Enjoy your greatest life you can, with as much joy as you can - and while you can. 

And if you wish and our road happends to cross here, I hope we'll meet on the nia dance floor. Adding a joyful, sweaty and fun piece of the puzzle, mine and yours.

with love and joy,



(QUICK INFO on Nia Stockholm Spring 2014)

  • My own spring classes 2014, started January 18th at 11.30 am on Dansstudio1. Address: Frejgatan 41, in Stockholm city. Metro: Green Line to Odenplan. Walk ten minutes. 
  • Classes every week; Sunday 17.00, Wednesday 17.00 and Saturday 11.30. Etcetera. See each class under My Classes.
  • Livelihood Belts Meetings with the Nia Stockholm area teachers and their guests (only members though), ask for more information on where and when the next meetings are.
  • Nia Stockholm's Jam in 2014: Join us for the first WomensJam (KvinnoJam) on the International Womens day, March 8th, for a fab two hour mindful, fun and sweaty fitness class with some of the great members of the Nia Stockholm Jam Teacher Group. Time is 15.00-17.00. See more on My Events.
  • Nia Stockholm Newsletter, out in February and in May, August and November, with special event editions in between. Sign up if you want them!

In year 2013, Nia Stockholm arranged the Nia HalloweenJam, dancing & celebrating Nia's 30 years of bringing health through movement into the world. We gave the surplus from the event to an organisation helping children with cancer (Barncancerföreningarna i Stockholm).

To receive information on what is going on in the Nia Stockholm area, please drop me a line to

Please like the "Nia Stockholm page" on Facebook, where you'll get news, education and musings from us all around Stockholm;
from Inger Lindell in Nynäshamn, Kathleen Anderson de Miranda in Uppsala and Sigtuna, Marie Swartling in Dalarö/Haninge. Inside Stockholm, you'll find Åsa Georgii in Fridhemsplan and me, Angela D'Orazio in Vasastan.

If you are a group of interested people looking for a Nia teacher in Stockholm, for a private Nia courses or just a special occation Nia class, let me/us know too.

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My Locations

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Westmanska Palatset
Wallingatan 2, inner yard, Stockholm, SE
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House of Shapes
Hornsgatan 103, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, SE
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My Nia Classes

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Wednesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Sunday 5:00pm - 6:00pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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Saturday 11:30am - 12:30pm Dansstudio1
Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, ST, SE
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.