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Let’s Dance: New Routine Album Bailando

By: | Published November 5, 2013

Check out the sneak peak of the upcoming Bailando routine and download the album. 

Bring your hips, head, and heart into every move with this lively mix of Latin inspired grooves and rhythms. This album gets you to let it all go with the beats that blend movement with magic, allowing you to express sensuality and strength in every dance.

Mantra Meets Movement

By: Rolf and Renee Erickson | Published November 1, 2013

The Magic of Nia and Transcendental Meditation

We first saw a Nia demo in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon at a street fair. There were about eight people dancing barefoot in a tight circle on a concrete sidewalk. It looked a little odd. Then they started kicking and shouting “Ho!” We watched for a minute or two, and moved on.

If you know Rolf, you won’t be surprised that when we got home, he created his own new movement form. Inspired by the “Ho!” he called it “Holy Moly.” It basically involved jumping around the living room, kicking, and shouting “Holy Moly!” Kind of fun, but it never really caught on.

Renee took her first Nia class a few weeks...

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By: Wendy Crumpler | Published November 1, 2013

It's important to push the boundaries of our comfort zones, and when we do, it can be scary.  But what is our "comfort zones" exactly?

Nia, unlike many movement or fitness systems, is a practice. The more you do it, the deeper its teachings, and the more expansive its effects on our lives. Like any practice, Nia will sometimes ask us to move beyond our comfort zones. But what does this mean?

Moving past your comfort zone means different things to different people. It’s not always about doing something big and courageous, merely something that makes you a bit uncomfortable, whether it’s trying sushi or learning to salsa.

Although moving out of your comfort zone might m...

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Groove Armada Grooves on Touch Album

By: | Published November 1, 2013

Groove Armada's Grammy nominated video Superstylin' is another example of how funky this band can be. Their song Edge Hill is also super, and stylin', and can be heard on our new album Touch.

Think Twice: Brain and Gut Power

By: Dawn Z. Montefusco | Published November 1, 2013

If you think the best way to make choices is to think your way through them, think again. You have two sources of brain-power: one in your head, the other in your stomach. Got a stomach ache? Butterflies? Let’s talk, or rather, let’s feel.

Knowing Before We Know

Most of us have experienced the sense of knowing things before we know them, even if we can’t explain how. Maybe you hesitated at a stop sign and missed getting hit by speeding car. Perhaps you decide on a whim to get your hair done at a salon across town and run into your long lost best friend (who is not on Facebook). Is this magic, or a deeper insight? Science says yes, it’s highly possible it’s a deeper i...

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Touch: Digital Download Available Now

By: NiaSounds | Published October 21, 2013

Touch tantalizes your soul inside and out, vibrating with uptempo thick beats that alchemically blends raw instrumentation and synthesized sound. The best part: you can download it now!

NiaSounds' latest digital download can be experienced on your iphone, ipad, or any MP3 device. Shake yourself alive, dance, and move, anywhere you'd like. 

This compilation resonates with Indian and electronic beats, creating a stimulating and diverse energy. Ambient vocals harmonize and serenade you with silence and sound. Mantras ripple with grace, and wild freestyle instruments animate this electro-fusion compilation k...

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