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Feeling Official Trailer

By: Dawn Z. Montefusco | Published November 26, 2013

Even More than Just A Feeling!

Get your nervous system to rock out and rest up at the same time. This dynamic routine conditions the body and nervous system using Nia's 7 Core moves. Feeling is a collaborative-inspired routine created by Casey Bernstein, Kellee Rae Oien, Megan MacArthur and Winalee Zeeb. Available December 15th, 2013. 

Feeling trailer is just one click away from veiwing on your favorite electronic device and the album is just two clicks away from your digital music library. Get ready to rock out your feelings! 

Holiday Class Routines

By: Dawn Z. Montefusco and Holly Nastasi | Published November 24, 2013

The holiday season is the perfect time to use holiday songs to get your classes smiling in the midst of winter stress. It may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many, it’s also a time to burn off all those delicious calories acquired by joyous winter treats.

Below are two compilations brought to you by Holly Nastasi, Nia trainer. Enjoy the glow of that “winter wonderland”, even if you are in Miami or Australia. 

Playlist Option 1 

Track #  Title  Time  Album  Artist

  1. Do You Hear What I Hear?  4:07  Christmas Extraordinaire  Mannheim Steamroller

Starvation is for Suckers: Eat More Chocolate

By: William Stewart | Published November 22, 2013

During my first year of doing Nia I lost 70 pounds. I’ve now lost a total of 120 
pounds, both through movement, and by applying one of Nia’s greatest lessons: 


(I’m as serious as Aunt Hattie’s girdle.) 

Apparently, there are some people who can manage their diet through sheer 
Spartan willpower. I am not among them. I’m not sure that I’ve even met one.

One of my students is famous for losing 50 pounds her first year of Nia by stopping 
for a donut before almost every class. We call it “The Paula Diet.” That’s a plan I can get behind 100%.

Starvation is for suckers.


Holiday Travel: Moves on the Move

By: Jenna Lynne Roberts | Published November 22, 2013

Winter holiday travel often includes much standing in lines and lots of sitting still in planes, trains, and automobiles. Luckily, Nia movements can make traveling flowing and fun. Use these adjusted techniques to help your body feel good through movement. You could take the bold route and swirl your arms around while doing bootie shakes at the airport terminal (which might create a dance party) but there are subtler ways to keep moving.


Try the packing dance! Put on some good movement music; maybe try the free Nia music player online at Have your list ready, and then, before you crack your suitcase, give yourself a few rounds of creative flow. When you’r...

Enjoy the Feast: Go with the Flow

By: Bryan Westby and Dawn Montefusco | Published November 22, 2013

‘Tis the season to be frantic, frazzled and tempted by turkey - lots of turkey topped with gravy, cheese, and sour cream. The holidays are the time we eat more, not just because of delicious treats, but also due to stress. During this time of year, we tend to run to comfort food because it feels good. Common comfort foods such as mashed potatoes, turkey, hamburgers, cake, chocolate, ham, and candy yams are hard to resist. They usually have lots of calories, but they also warm our bellies and calm our emotions. And don't forget the wine, beer, and holiday liquor drinks. With all these high-calorie goodies around, you might worry about putting on a few pounds. Thankfully, the secret to having a stress-free holiday season is simpl...

Magic on the Mountain: Dancing Back to Life

By: JP du Plessis | Published November 22, 2013

Once upon a time, two people fell in love with a mountain, so they left the big city and went to live on its slopes. Now it just so happens that one was a photojournalist, and the other, a maverick marketer turned healer.

Below is a letter we received from JP du Plessis who had a life changing experience watching a Nia DVD:

Hi guys and gals at Nia,

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone on the Nia team for what you have created and made available to the world. This morning, for the first time ever, I danced along to my wife’s Dance to Drums DVD. I only lasted 35 minutes, not because of low fitness, but because I started to cry uncontrollably and I haven’t stopped...

Shoulder Pain Disappears After 4 Weeks of Nia

By: Holly Nastasi | Published November 22, 2013

Philip Wilber’s story begins when he had to give up his hobby of playing golf due to a frozen shoulder. At that same time, three of his best friends died. The idea of death got him thinking that maybe there was more to moving than just hitting balls. He searched for something heal all the wounds, internal and external (like we all do when faced with loss.) The thought of moving his body got him into a yoga class. The yoga teacher went on a trip and had Nia teacher, Ann Paquin, sub for the yoga class. Ann taught Nia for the next four weeks.

Ann says, “I met Phil nine years ago when I was subbing Nia for an ongoing yoga class at the Senior Friendship Center. Phil and others in the class joined me. After several months...

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U Official Trailer

By: Enjoy more of U! | Published November 22, 2013

Enjoy the extended version of U!  

Stances, kicks and foot techniques get your heart pounding in this stimulating routine by Ann Christiansen. U conditions the base of your body from the ground up and is a great way to keep your core in shape for the holidays. Available December 15th, 2013! 

"U" trailer is just one click away from veiwing on your favorite electronic device and the album is just two clicks away from your digital music library.  Did someone say dance party?

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Official Bailando Trailer

By: | Published November 22, 2013

The heat just went up!

Get an extended look! Bring your hips, head, and heart into every move with this full and official trailer for Adelle Brewer’s exciting 2013 Routine, available December 15th, 2013! Bailando is coming to a class near you!

Bailando trailer is just one click away from veiwing on your favorite electronic device and the album is just two clicks away from your digital music library.  Why wait for December? Let’s dance!

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More Than A Feeling

By: | Published November 15, 2013

Get a glimpse of the Feeling routine coming to a class near you soon!

Feeling gets your whole core moving. Graceful rhythms arouse the nervous system inspiring you to let loose with power, grace, feelings and emotion!

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"Rise" and Shine

By: | Published November 12, 2013

Get a glimpse of the Rise routine coming to a class near you soon!

This new eclectic routine has a mix of Nia moves. It inspires you to use the four H’s: head, hands, heart and Hara. Rise is about “dancing Your Body’s Way into music,” which is an important element for personal self-healing and conditioning.

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Get Ready To Love U

By: | Published November 8, 2013

Check out the sneak peak of the upcoming "U" routine and download the album.

Spring load your joints and enjoy the harmonic flow as you get to know the real you. This album's contagious joy and highly energetic blend of music takes you on an exciting journey with electronic beats, sacred phrases and tribal chants. “U” will inspire, rejuvenate and strengthen every move of every dance.

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Let’s Dance: New Routine Album Bailando

By: | Published November 5, 2013

Check out the sneak peak of the upcoming Bailando routine and download the album. 

Bring your hips, head, and heart into every move with this lively mix of Latin inspired grooves and rhythms. This album gets you to let it all go with the beats that blend movement with magic, allowing you to express sensuality and strength in every dance.

Mantra Meets Movement

By: Rolf and Renee Erickson | Published November 1, 2013

The Magic of Nia and Transcendental Meditation

We first saw a Nia demo in 2001 in Eugene, Oregon at a street fair. There were about eight people dancing barefoot in a tight circle on a concrete sidewalk. It looked a little odd. Then they started kicking and shouting “Ho!” We watched for a minute or two, and moved on.

If you know Rolf, you won’t be surprised that when we got home, he created his own new movement form. Inspired by the “Ho!” he called it “Holy Moly.” It basically involved jumping around the living room, kicking, and shouting “Holy Moly!” Kind of fun, but it never really caught on.

Renee took her first Nia class a few weeks...

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By: Wendy Crumpler | Published November 1, 2013

It's important to push the boundaries of our comfort zones, and when we do, it can be scary.  But what is our "comfort zones" exactly?

Nia, unlike many movement or fitness systems, is a practice. The more you do it, the deeper its teachings, and the more expansive its effects on our lives. Like any practice, Nia will sometimes ask us to move beyond our comfort zones. But what does this mean?

Moving past your comfort zone means different things to different people. It’s not always about doing something big and courageous, merely something that makes you a bit uncomfortable, whether it’s trying sushi or learning to salsa.

Although moving out of your comfort zone might m...

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Groove Armada Grooves on Touch Album

By: | Published November 1, 2013

Groove Armada's Grammy nominated video Superstylin' is another example of how funky this band can be. Their song Edge Hill is also super, and stylin', and can be heard on our new album Touch.

Think Twice: Brain and Gut Power

By: Dawn Z. Montefusco | Published November 1, 2013

If you think the best way to make choices is to think your way through them, think again. You have two sources of brain-power: one in your head, the other in your stomach. Got a stomach ache? Butterflies? Let’s talk, or rather, let’s feel.

Knowing Before We Know

Most of us have experienced the sense of knowing things before we know them, even if we can’t explain how. Maybe you hesitated at a stop sign and missed getting hit by speeding car. Perhaps you decide on a whim to get your hair done at a salon across town and run into your long lost best friend (who is not on Facebook). Is this magic, or a deeper insight? Science says yes, it’s highly possible it’s a deeper i...

Touch: Digital Download Available Now

By: NiaSounds | Published October 21, 2013

Touch tantalizes your soul inside and out, vibrating with uptempo thick beats that alchemically blends raw instrumentation and synthesized sound. The best part: you can download it now!

NiaSounds' latest digital download can be experienced on your iphone, ipad, or any MP3 device. Shake yourself alive, dance, and move, anywhere you'd like. 

This compilation resonates with Indian and electronic beats, creating a stimulating and diverse energy. Ambient vocals harmonize and serenade you with silence and sound. Mantras ripple with grace, and wild freestyle instruments animate this electro-fusion compilation k...

Groovin ' 92

By: Nia Technique | Published October 4, 2013

In 1992 Bill Clinton became US President, Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot was the summer hit, The Golden Girls won an Emmy, and this was the new Nia Routine.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Make a difference!

By: Nia Technique | Published October 4, 2013

Self-care and self-love are touchstones of the Nia practice that support us in taking steps to protect our health. The Nia Technique has a strong healing component, especially when we are in need. The body awareness and acceptance we gain through Nia, along with the Joy of Movement, encourages us to make healthy choices and be well. Around the world, women create a deep connection with their bodies on a regular basis as they step into their Nia classes.

Women managing breast cancer benefit hugely from Nia classes by reconnecting with their bodies in a meaningful and freeing way.

October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, brings an important reminder to women about self-care through screening and early detection. Take tim...

3 Remarkable Weight Loss Stories

By: Nia Technique | Published October 4, 2013

The following stories include massive weigh loss from three Nia users. In their own words they tell us about the journey of awakening and transformation that goes deeper than just losing weight.

Three people in San Antonio, TX, at the Synergy Studio owned by Adelle Brewer, stumbled upon Nia while searching for a Yoga class.  Dacia Lee, Debra Garansuay, and Dan Alonzo were each looking for a way to feel better. Nia proved to be much more than just an exercise class.  Below are their stories.

Debra Garansuay

In November of 2009 I weighed close to 200 lbs.  I had been having some health and was instructed to see an Endocrinologist. Soon after, I was diagnosed with a hormone disor...

Timeless Dance Moves

By: | Published October 4, 2013

Do you remember raising the roof or doing the hokey-pokey? What about the twist? Dance moves can be timeless, everlasting, and ageless (okay perhaps the moonwalk might belong to 1985, but it’s pretty easy once you practice it.) 

In the Nia community, our hokey pokey teaches us to put more than just your left foot in and your right foot out. We pay attention to our toes, heels, inner arch, chins, and thighs.  Our bodies love the hoke...

It’s a Knockout: The Votes Are in

By: Nia Technique | Published October 4, 2013

On September 24th we held a friendly competition between Jeff and Paul regarding pre-order custom fabric made for NiaWear. Those that voted “no” had to email Paul. Those that liked the fabric were asked to pre-order a pair in order to raise the money to buy the fabric. It was a Knockout. Paul’s email got flooded with 353 emails. Comments included:

“In my opinion, it is too much of a good thing.”

“No, please! Too loud.”

“Eek, my eyes!  Ouch.”

 “No, I cannot find any English words for it, but my first impression
and also the second, third… is NO! Don’t do that! It is too much.”


NiaSounds Announces First Independent Release, "Stuart"

By: Nia Technique | Published October 4, 2013

Congratulations to Jeff “Stuart” Stewart, President of Nia Technique, for releasing his first album.

With intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, and powerful arrangements, this music takes you on a journey through time, emotion, and inspiration. Stuart’s vocals seamlessly dance from gritty-bluesy to smooth-romantic and is delivered with a rare honesty. Stuart evokes artists Bowie, Depeche Mode, Springsteen, and Neil Young and the album is topped off with an Italian Love Song.

The son of an American military family, Stuart spent most of his formative years in Rome, Italy, which he considers his hometown. “I had all my firsts in Rome. My first kiss, my first cigarette, my first fight, my first moto...

Breaking New Ground on a Global Dance Floor: How I became the first Nia teacher in Beirut, Lebanon

By: Junaline Bañez-Moussi | Published October 4, 2013

I discovered Nia early 2012 on a late night Youtube watching spree. What I saw amazed me: movement that was easy, joyful, flowing and synchronized, drawn from the martial arts, healing arts and dance arts. I live in Lebanon where, at the time, there were no Nia classes. It made me think how someday I wanted to take a Nia class.

Months passed and I forgot about Nia. I went to Greece to join the Awakening Women’s Institute for their annual women’s leadership training. I met Fedra Fox Cubeddu a Nia teacher from Italy. Already a yoga devotee, my rediscovery of joyful movement and dancing was ignited. As I got to know Fedra, and observed her moving ‘her body’s way’ in our free dance exercises, I returne...