A Colorado Nia Jam with Trainer Loretta Milo

By: Nia | Published March 5, 2012

Nia jams are just one of the ways people come together to build community around their shared passion for the practice. This jam, led by Nia Trainer Loretta Milo, features 18 Nia teachers and 80+ students. The testimonials shed light on some of the benefits of Nia. As Jo Ellen Davidson shares, "When I started doing Nia, I was very, very ill. And now... I'm an instructor! I just finished my Green Belt."

Dana Hood says, "Nia makes me feel happy. It brings out my creativity, not only on the floor when I'm teaching or dancing, but also just in life. I'm inspired to do more things, to listen to new music. ...

Support and Empower Today's Youth with Debbie Rosas at Power of the Purse

By: Nia | Published February 28, 2012

Reserve your spot at Power of the Purse, happening Friday, March 9th from 5:30-8:30PM at Portland Art Museum!

This annual gala benefits the programs and mission of Girls Inc. of Northwest Oregon, which includes after-school programs that mentor and teach girls the social, financial and leadership skills they need to take control of their lives and grow into successful, empowered adults.

This year’s Power of the Purse main event features 14 local Portland Purse-o-nalities, including Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, a...

Awareness of Bones: Sensing Alignment

By: Debbie Rosas, Loretta Milo, Jackie Diner and Britta Von Tagen | Published February 28, 2012

For this month's continuing education focus, Awareness of Bones, we're excited to feature the following masterful voices from the worldwide Nia community. Read on to hear what they have to say about sensing alignment by exploring The Body's Way. Be sure to also listen to the March telecourse call with Debbie Rosas and Lita Curtis.

Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator, says:

This month we’re researching healthy bones and the sensation of alignment, which is vital to functional movement. As a way to begin relating to your bones, know they are alive. If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know ...

Paddleboarding & The Nia 52 Moves

By: Kathy deWet-Oleson | Published February 27, 2012

Kathy is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher and Nia 5 Stages teacher. She has an M.S. in Exercise Science, a B. A. in Psychology, and currently teaches a variety of group fitness classes, including Nia, at Moorpark College and the Ventura Nia Center.

My first week since the Nia 52 Moves Training has been full of sensational experiences. I cherish the way my Nia practice crosses over into multiple aspects of day-to-day life as well as into the sports and recreational activities I enjoy. I started the sport of standup paddleboarding in 2009 when I learned my father had cancer. It was a wake up call not to put off fulfilling my desires. I now paddle long distance races as...

Join Debbie Rosas on a Transformational Journey to Chichen-Itza, the Great Mayan Ceremonial Center

By: Nia | Published February 22, 2012

For a "once-in-thousands-of-years" opportunity, our very own Debbie Rosas will be gathering with other leaders at the high center of Mayan knowledge for the end of the Mayan calendar – and the birth of the great cycle of transformation and renewal – on December 13-22, 2012.

You are invited to join her, by registering for this incredible eight-day experience. You'll gain entrance with special governmental permission into Chichen-Itza (when it is closed to the public) and at the exact time of the solstice! Explore a 60-mile area with impressive ancient temples and buildings. In particular, see the "El Castillo" Pyram...

Upcoming Nia 5 Stages Training: Five Moves, Two Days, One Amazing Practice

By: Nia | Published February 22, 2012

Are you looking for a movement practice that makes your body feel good? Would you like to increase your flexibiltiy? Become more agile and grounded at the same time? Want to tap into your body's ability to self-heal?

Clear your calendar for the upcoming Nia 5 Stages Training at StudioNia on March 10-11th. Led by Carol Gonzalez and Laurie Bass, this two-day experience is based on the five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Practiced with awareness, these stages have the power to facilitate optimal alignment, improved function and comfort in the body.

Open to everyone, the Nia 5 Stages Training pr...

My Body & The Nia 52 Moves

By: Jeanne Catherine, Nia Trainer | Published February 14, 2012

Jeanne Catherine is a Nia teacher and trainer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. She earned her BA in Dance & Theater from Antioch College and began her personal journey with Nia in 2003.

From the time I was 11 years old until I was 21, I spent a lot of time in physical pain. I distrusted my body and hated myself. It was through Nia that I found respite from this way of viewing my body and was able to begin a new conversation with myself. Now, free of chronic pain, I find that I want my physical conditioning to be filled with love, support and the actualization of my full potential.

So when Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, 5 trainers, 25 part...

Nia Class Video - Awareness of Ligaments & Tendons

By: Nia | Published February 13, 2012

Watch this video to take a class with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, along with other Nia livelihood members and students, at StudioNia in Portland, OR. Focusing on ligaments and tendons, this class is practiced to the Nia Oshun routine.

Learn and grow as you take your Nia practice to a new level – whether personal or professional! Read the related articles about ligaments and tendons, and listen to the corresponding telecourse call with Debbie Rosas and Kelle Rae Oien.

Nia for Equestrians: A Synchronous Partnership

By: Randee Fox | Published February 8, 2012

Randee Fox, pictured right, is a Nia trainer and equestrian educator located in Sammamish, Washington. She is currently creating Nia for Equestrians®. (Photo credit: Chris Sollart)

Dance has been an important element in my life for over 30 years. I dance for self-expression, artistry, release, wellness, joy, and to inspire others. I also dance to be a better equestrian. I practiced African dance before owning my first horse in 1991, after which I soon began to show horses.

On the morning before horse shows I’d dance in my living room to Miriam Makeba music with a strong focus on my center or “hara” and breath – releasing pre-show jitters and tightnes...

The 2011 Nia Teacher of the Year: Dana Hood

By: Nia | Published February 7, 2012

After tallying the votes, we're thrilled to announce Dana Hood is the 2011 Nia Teacher of the Year. This award reflects both a dedication to the Nia practice and a strong community of students who have been personally moved by that commitment.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Dana is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher who has loved dance since she was a child. After her first Nia class in 2006, Dana knew she had discovered a new path to pleasurable fitness. She fell in love with how Nia encourages fun and energetic movement with self-expression, while also emphasizing creativity, conditioning, community, spirit, acceptance and love for the body just as it is. 

It is Dana's passion t...

Awareness of Ligaments and Tendons: Sensing Stability

By: Nia | Published February 1, 2012

For this month's continuing education focus, Awareness of Ligaments and Tendons, we're excited to feature the following masterful voices from the worldwide Nia community. Read on to hear what they have to say about sensing stability by exploring The Body's Way. Be sure to also listen to this month's telecourse call with Debbie Rosas and Kelle Rae Oien.

Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator, says:

Every Sensation Scientist should be able to sense when the body says “enough” or “stop.” Your ability to respond to these sensory messages ...

Special Discount on New Yoga Pants by NiaWear

By: Nia | Published January 31, 2012

NiaWear is growing very fast, so we are expanding the line to include a wider range of items that promote both active and leisure lifestyles. The Yoga Pants are one of our newest designs, and are unique and sleek. Wear them to Nia, yoga or lunch with friends. You'll never feel under- or over-dressed. At 50% off their retail price, these pants are a steal at $57.50. View more photos, check out our sizing chart, and order yours now! This is a limited-time offer.

Details: Our Yoga Pants sport a modern look with detailed seaming that flatters all shapes. The legs feature a bootcut design instead of a flare opening. A fold-over wa...

Nia as a Life Lesson

By: Karen Talboys | Published January 30, 2012

My name is Karen Talboys. I had gastric by-pass surgery at Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, MA on November 24, 2008. When I registered for surgery, I weighed in at 343 pounds.

As you can imagine, at 343 pounds, walking was a chore. I couldn't even walk from my car to my desk at work every morning without stopping to find a place to sit down to rest my back. I couldn't walk through an airport without resting at every gate I passed. Life was very difficult physically and my activity level was decreasing daily.

As I started to lose weight after the surgery, I looked around for some activity that I would like. I'd never been much for exercise, even as a kid, so what could I possibly find that I...

Thoughts On Being 2011 Trainer of the Year

By: Holly Nastasi, Nia Trainer & Teacher | Published January 30, 2012

The year 2011 started with a tremendous rush of Nia excitement for me. The Next Generation Trainer (NGT) Program was being launched, and a great expansion of Nia was beginning. I was there, part of it, on many, many levels. This expansion also meant advancement for me, as I prepared to begin teaching Green Belt and Blue Belt Trainings. Alongside the next generation of Nia trainers, I was studying and preparing to step forward and up.

My studio in Santa Fe was also expanding. Classes were full, teachers were developing their craft, and relationships were being cultivated. It was, and still is, a rich Nia environment. I had a vision of...

Photographs From the December 2011 Black Belt Training at StudioNia

By: Nia | Published January 18, 2012

The Nia Black Belt Training is magical to say the least. And it's perhaps the least talked about training in our five-belt series because it's about "entering the river of the unknown – a place of infinite creativity." The principles are only known by those who attend the transformational, one-week experience. However, we wanted to give you a peak into the most recent training with Debbie Rosas and Ann Christiansen at StudioNia by sharing some photographs.

To view the full collection of photographs from the 2011 Black Belt Training at StudioNia, vi...

An Interview with Nia Teacher Janet Shook Leitâo

By: Nia | Published January 17, 2012

Janet Shook Leitâo is a White Belt certified Nia teacher located in Lisbon, Portugal. She first found Nia while working as a dancer and dance teacher in Istanbul, Turkey.

Nia: How did you first begin practicing Nia? Where were you and what was your mind-set at the time?

Janet: Even though I grew up in Oregon, I had not heard of Nia before. I moved away in 2005 and was living abroad in Turkey, working as a dancer and dance teacher of Orientale and Turkish Gypsy. Then I came home for my sister's wedding in Corvallis. I was looking at a notice board for some sort of exercise class just to get my body moving, and the only thing that caught my ...

Debbie Does The Juice Cleanse With Dr. Rankin... And So Can You!

By: Debbie Rosas | Published January 17, 2012

This year I’ve decided to take on the challenge to research a whole new kind of pleasure by paying attention to the things I put in my mouth. I’m cleaning myself up from the inside out, and I have my friend, Dr. Lissa Rankin, to thank.

Yes, I am committing to a juice cleanse, and I want to invite you to join me! If you aren't sure if a cleanse is right for you, listen to my recent conversation with Dr. Rankin. During our talk, she told me how she changed her body and life by changing her relationship with food. She shared her personal story in the most intimate, honest, and as always, real ...

The 2011 Nia Trainer of the Year Award

By: Debbie Rosas | Published January 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce that Holly Nastasi is the 2011 Nia trainer of the year!

Holly is honored as trainer of the year for many reasons. As a Nia teacher, Holly has been successful at creating strong and vibrant communities in Austin, Texas, Sante Fe, New Mexico, and now Lincoln, Nebraska where I have no doubt she will rock the house as she always does.

I remember Holly's first White Belt Training. She was the one sitting on the floor with piercing eyes that questioned what we were doing. Made sense to me, as she is a trained, educated Kinesiologist. As life would have it, she fell in love with Nia, and went on to teach classes at the University of Texas and...

Nia Class Video - Awareness of Muscles

By: Nia | Published January 11, 2012

Watch this video to take a class with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, along with other Nia livelihood members and students, at StudioNia in Portland, OR. Focusing on muscles, this class is practiced to the Nia ZenSation routine.

Learn and grow as you take your Nia practice to a new level – whether personal or professional! Read the related articles about muscles and listen to the corresponding telecourse call with Debbie Rosas and Kevin VerEecke.

Dancing With Horses

By: Wendy Rappaport, Nia Teacher | Published January 10, 2012

This article is written by Wendy Rappaport, who is a Green Belt certified Nia teacher in Rhode Island. Deidre Sharp is owner of Horse Play, a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary in Sunderstown, RI.

One morning one of my students brought a friend to class. After class she was so happy with her experience she just came out and said, “Would you do this with the horses?”

Well, I knew Deidre had something to do with horses and a farm where she took care of them, but that was the last comment I was expecting to hear that Monday morning. With no fear in my heart I immediately answered, “YES, how ‘bout this Saturday!”


The Year's Magic

By: Debbie Rosas | Published December 30, 2011

I've attempted to write my end-of-the-year letter many times. I keep changing the subject, as each day there seems to be something more important to write about. One day it’s Zumba, the next Hillary Clinton, and the next, reminding you all to get your students to go online to vote for the 2011 Nia Teacher of the Year! All I know is, I love connecting with you and I'm going to do more of this starting January 1, 2012. People who know me will tell you I’m private. I blame it on my learning disabilities. It’s taken me a long time to feel safe sharing what I think and feel with people. Enough hiding. I’m coming out! So stay tuned for lots of juicy, good stuff.

As always, I am ending the year reflecting...

Awareness of Muscles: Sensing Action and Relaxation

By: Nia | Published December 28, 2011

For this month's continuing education focus, Awareness of Muscles, we're excited to feature the following masterful voices from the worldwide Nia community. Read on to hear what they have to say about sensing action and relaxation by exploring The Body's Way. Be sure to also listen to this month's telecourse call with Debbie Rosas and Kevin VerEecke.

Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator, says:

In the world of fitness, muscles get a lot of attention. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, define your upper body, walk across the room or pick up a cup of coffee, it’s muscles that do the work. Thanks to ...

What's Mainstream?

By: Debbie Rosas | Published December 20, 2011

In 1983, I was looking for a way to workout and address more than fitness. I wanted something that would provide more pleasure and efficiency in the body, as I had lost the ability to move naturally. I was exercising and moving mechanically. I decided I wanted to regain my body’s natural wisdom and ability to move. I set out to relearn how to move by listening to the voices of my body, and by following the sensation of pleasure versus pain.

The result was Nia, a worldwide movement program that has been changing people’s lives on an international level for more than 30 years. Nia was birthed at the heights of the aerobic boom. The fitness industry took notice to what we were doing, and created an offshoot of our concep...

Vote for Nia Teacher of the Year!

By: Nia | Published December 19, 2011

Every year we honor an outstanding Nia teacher with the Nia Teacher of the Year Award. However, this year marks the first time that members of the Nia community may choose the recipient by voting online. Everybody can vote, including students, teachers and trainers. Votes may be casted through December 30th, 2011, and the winner will be announced in January.

To vote:

Here are a few things you might consider before casting your vote:

  • Does (s)he inspire students?
  • Does (s)he model the w...

Trainer Rachael Resch’s Nia White Belt Trainings Now Eligible for Physical Therapy CEUs

By: Rachael R. Resch, MS PT, Nia Trainer | Published December 5, 2011

Rachael R. Resch, MS PT/LMT, is a certified Nia Black Belt instructor, Nia trainer and holistic physical therapist whose practice is devotion to the sacred body for healing, fitness, play and prayer. 

As a physical therapist and a Nia movement educator, I’m passionate about both movement and healing. I’ve always believed Nia's philosophy, “through movement we find health.”

Having just competed the Nia Next Generation Trainer program, I’m thrilled to announce that all my White Belt Intensives now qualify for 50 hours of physical therapy (PT) continuing education in the state of Oregon!

The American Physical Therapy Association calls PTs &ldqu...