Upcoming Free Telecourse about Taste with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and Doctor Aimée Gould Shunney

By: Nia | Published May 24, 2011

Join us Monday, June 6, 2011 for a free telecourse with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and guest speaker Doctor Aimée Gould Shunney.

This telecourse will focus on taste, and is a part of our current educational course of study, Becoming a Sensation Scientist. We will be talking about the ways in which taste, pleasure, delicious food and joyful eating can come together to create optimal emotional and physical health. Topics will include how to define a 'healthy' appetite, satiety, cravings, food as medicine, cleansing, mending relationship with food, establishing sustainable healthy eating habits, and staying healthy and well.

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What Nia Continuing Education Means to Me

By: Tracey Fenner | Published May 13, 2011

The following post is a copy of a letter to Debbie Rosas written by Nia Teacher Tracey Fenner

Dear Debbie,

I wanted to write a letter to thank you personally for all the work you do in developing the Nia continuing education program. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed working with all the materials of the White Belt principles that you gave us Nia teachers around the world. As an organization, Nia is continually giving so, so much to teachers, enabling me to go out and spread the body of work that you and Carlos began together so many years ago.

This year, I have been once again blown away with the body of work you have presented with &ldqu...

Experience a Week of Nia at Rancho La Puerta

By: Nia | Published May 13, 2011

Come to Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico on June 11-18th for a special Nia week with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, Nia Trainers Caroline Kohles and Helen Terry, and Nia Next Generation Trainer Kevin VerEecke.

Rancho La Puerta is a destination spa that offers an amazing program of fitness activities, healthful cuisine, luxury spa amenities, superb accommodations, and entertainment awaits you. Its 3,000-acre property offers world-class landscaped gardens, an...

Nia Trainer Denise Medved Begins a New Journey

By: Debbie Rosas | Published May 13, 2011

Change is afoot, and Denise Medved has decided to step down as part of the Nia training faculty. The good news is, Denise is still teaching Nia, touching bodies and lives in only the way she does: magically!

While she has taught all ages and ability levels, from children to athletes, from dancers to non-dancers, Denise specializes in movement for those who believe their movement is restricted. She helps them find they can move again with joy, and heal their bodies to improve their quality of life! She works with those over 65 years old, those with chronic illness, and those recovering from physical injury and joint replacement.

For anyone who has ever had the joy of meeting, working with...

Most Memorable White Belt Moments: Previous Graduates Share Their Thoughts

By: Nia | Published May 4, 2011

"I like to think that my White Belt Training with Denise was the very first initiation into a new me and a new life. The sense of self-awareness, calm and the camaraderie with my Nia sisters I will carry with me always." -Gail G.

"I realized the sheer magnitude of information that I was being immersed in." -Jennie M.

"The graduation ceremony was a memorable moment. The deeply emotional journey we'd been on during the week finally released itself through tears of joy and healing." -Teresa T.

"From the minute we opened our Alchemy book to the moment we graduated, the whole experience was truly amazing. It is the best thing I've ever don...

Awareness of Touch: Sensing the Physical World

By: Debbie Rosas, William Stewart and Gail Condrick | Published April 29, 2011

For this month's continuing education focus, Awareness of Touch, we're excited to feature the following masterful voices from the worldwide Nia community. Here's what they have to say about developing body literacy and self-knowing, by exploring and using our sense of touch in The Body's Way.

Debbie Rosas, Nia Co-Creator, says:

Touching is the act of putting one thing into contact with another – the process of feeling something. What you perceive as the sense of touch originates in the dermis, the bottom layer of your skin that is filled with tiny nerve endings. However, every part of your being – fr...

Keeping the Joy

By: Dr. Shondrika Moss-Bouldin | Published April 28, 2011

The following post is written by Dr. Shondrika Moss-Bouldin, a White Belt certified Nia teacher in Georgia. The story first appeared on journeyisdestination.wordpress.com.

Over ten years ago, I completed a Nia White Belt Training and earlier this year, I had a burning desire to re-commit to Nia. Fortunately, my trainer, Winalee Zeeb (the Nia trainer of the year) was waiting with open arms, literally and metaphorically. A few days after I completed my audit* I bought a t-shirt that boldly stated: “The journey is the destination.” I laughed aloud. It was perfect! It reite...

Nia Blossoms in the Catskill Mountains

By: Lyn Koutcher & Lori Lynn Meader | Published April 26, 2011

Lyn Koutcher is a Blue Belt certified Nia Teacher and Lori Lynn Meader is a Black Belt certified Nia Teacher.

On the weekend of March 25-27, 2011, a group of amazing women and men gathered to join six Nia teachers (Lyn Koutcher, Lori Lynn Meader, Jayne Mielo, Gay Norwood, Lynn Peebles and Hanna Weare) for “Move Your Body, Mind and Soul with Nia: A Weekend to Relax, Renew and Restore.” We danced, laughed, rested and shared our love for Nia at New Age Health Spa, nestled in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

The overarching focus for the weekend was “Listening to the ...

Life As Art - Altering our Perception to Sense Beauty

By: Allison Wright | Published April 26, 2011

The following post is written by Nia Black Belt Teacher and Next Generation Trainer Allison Wright, and first appeared on Allison's blog at allisonwrightsblog.wordpress.com. Allison's personal website is allison-wright.com.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Dr.Wayne Dyer

Anyone who has ever taken a drawing class is likely to relate to the Nia concept called "Life As Art." In most high school and college drawing classes, you’re presented with a still life or model and asked to sketch the object fro...

My Experience at the FAB Training with Debbie Rosas

By: Marilyn Wong | Published April 15, 2011

Marilyn Wong is a Nia graduate who took her White Belt Training with Martha Randall. Marilyn takes classes from both Felicia Shulman and Judy Atlas in Montreal. ... Read more

Reflections on the Toronto FAB Training

By: Debbie Rosas | Published April 14, 2011

The Nia FAB Choreography & 52 Moves Training was created to bring all belts under the same roof, hence the term FAB (which stands for For All Belts). The first Nia FAB was in Portland, OR with more than 100 Nia teachers coming together. I’ll never forget it. 

Last week, on my way to Toronto, after almost 30 years of having Carlos as my creative partner, I couldn’t imagine feeling what I was about to feel at this FAB. The experience was a profound lesson, and made me realize how focusing so much on “Carlos and Debbie” made me, in many ways, blind to the abundance of creativity and talent right in front of my eyes, in my students – belt graduates and non-graduates alike. 

Upcoming Free Telecourse about Touch with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and Somanaut Gil Hedley

By: Nia | Published April 8, 2011

Join us Monday, May 2, 2011 for a free telecourse call with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas and guest speaker Gil Hedley, founder of Integral Anatomy Productions and Somanautics Workshops. This telecourse will focus on the topic of touch, and is a part of our current educational course of study, Becoming a Sensation Scientist.

"Most people don't put a week of cadaver dissection with Gil on their Christmas list, but then again, they don't know Gil like I do. I was first introduced to Gil through his fantastic DVDs. Being a lo...

Nia Instructor Spotlight: Susan Tate

By: Gretchen Musgrove | Published April 4, 2011

The following post is written by Nia Teacher Gretchen Musgrove of Seattle, WA. It was first published on her Blissful Fitness blog at blissfulfitness.blogspot.com.... Read more

White Belt Principle 5: Awareness and Living in the Mystery of the "Now"

By: Allison Wright | Published March 18, 2011

The following post is written by Nia Black Belt Teacher and Next Generation Trainer Allison Wright, and first appeared on Allison's blog at allisonwrightsblog.wordpress.com. Allison's personal website is allison-wright.com.

In Nia, we have this really cool way of organizing information into what we call triads. As you may infer from its name, a triad is a three-pointed structure – a triangle. I like to think of triads as tools that provide us with three-step directions; they tell us how to do something in a specific order. Each point offers a specific...

Debbie Rosas will be at Omega Institute in July 2011!

By: Nia | Published March 16, 2011

Looking to heal, condition and tranform your body to live the life of your dreams? Come connect with Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas for her first trip to Omega in Rhinebeck, New York from July 15-17, 2011. She'll be leading a Nia workshop dedicated to The Body's Way – a method of using the body according to its natural design and function. 

Register now to explore your body through movement, music and the magic created when we research how to live in our bodies in healthy and pleasurable ways!

In this workshop, yo...

Never Underestimate a Pregnant Woman

By: Nicole Teed | Published March 15, 2011

The following post was written by Nicole Teed, who takes Nia classes from Christina and Bill Stewart at Spirit Moves in Charleston, South Carolina.

I went to Nia Saturday morning, the dawn of the weekend and of my third trimester of this pregnancy. There are days that I consider whether it is ridiculous or simply asking for trouble to continue to go dance wildly for an hour once or twice a week. But I love it, and my doctor assures me that as long as I am not having any complications and I keep myself adequately hydrated, I can do pretty much whatever I feel like.

I feel like dancing.

Nia incorporat...

Help Survivors of Japan's Earthquake by Making a Mercy Corps Donation!

By: Nia | Published March 14, 2011

Help Nia reach our $10,000 fundraising goal to meet the immediate and longer-term needs of Japan's earthquake and tsunami survivors. Click here to donate via our Mercy Corps fundraising page.

Together we can make a difference from anywhere in the world.

"In this time of great transition, deep grief and tremendous loss, it is important to remember the ability we have as healers to bring about peace and harmony in the world. Every time we step on the dance floor, it's an opportunity to dance for love and light; it is an opportunity to dance for those who cannot." -Debbie Rosas, Ni...

Awareness of Breath: Tracking the Tide of Life

By: Debbie Rosas, Chris Friedman, Rachael R. Resch, Dr. Maureen Small | Published March 1, 2011

This month marks the beginning of Nia's new educational course of study, Becoming a Sensation Scientist. Before diving into this month's focus, Awareness of Breath, read Debbie Rosas' personal introduction to the course. After doing so, you will be ready to learn about breath from the perspective of three sensation scientists who have shared their wisdom to help you become body literate (see below). These sensation scientists include Nia Black Belt and Alexander Technique Teacher Chris Friedman, physical therapist and Read more

Women's International Summit for Health

By: Debbie Rosas | Published March 1, 2011

Many months ago in April of 2010, I got a call from the beautiful and talented Tera Warner. A passionate online entrepreneur, she created The Raw Divas as a means of building an international community to support women who are seeking health through nutrition and working to achieve natural, sustainable lifestyles. Her intent is to create opportunities through this project to enable and support other women in building their own independent, at-home businesses powered by passion before profit. Considering that’s exactly how I started Nia, I thought, “This is my kind of woman!”

One of The Raw Divas’ p...

Traveling in Directions – Science and Philosophy of the 52 Moves of Nia

By: Allison Wright | Published February 18, 2011

The following post is written by Nia Black Belt Teacher and Next Generation Trainer Allison Wright, and first appeared on Allison's blog at allisonwrightsblog.wordpress.com.

“There are two questions in life we must ask ourselves. First, where am I going? And second, who will go with me? If you ever get the order of these questions reversed, you’re in big trouble…” – Author Unknown

Traveling in Directions is one of the 52 Moves we use in the Nia practice. It may strike you as odd that “traveling in directions” is considered a move, but when you look a...

Nia On The "High-Rise"

By: Lynett Putterman | Published February 9, 2011

Lynett Putterman has been teaching Nia since 2002 in Chicago, Illinois and Chesterton, Indiana.  

I have presented Nia at a nursing school, a center for victims of torture, a Gilda’s Club (for people living with cancer) and numerous physical therapy offices, but the latest venue I taught at was a ground-breaker:  the party room of a high-rise in my own city.

When the building manager asked me to lecture on the benefits of exercise at his staff meeting, I agreed but insisted on giving everyone a Nia class in order to practice all the points in my lecture. I described the benefits of exercise in Nia language (the 5 Sensations, 13 joints, 200 bones, 700 muscles, pl...

Witnessing a Sensation Scientist

By: Debbie Rosas | Published February 8, 2011

Last night at Helen Terry’s RanchONia in Houston, Texas, I had the pleasure of taking a class from a new Green Belt teacher, Glen Graves. I came to Houston for my Awakening the New Feminine Spirit workshop. I had a great time with 20 amazing women who will become my creation pod to help me turn this body of work into what it was initially designed to be: a 13-month course. All of us were transformed, as only women are when they get together, creating magic. But back to Glen's class last night.


What is Nia?

By: Laura Mabe | Published January 24, 2011

The following article is written by Laura Mabe, and first appeared on Swing Into My Walk Space.

On Friday I found myself back on 10th and Yamhill in downtown Portland. I was sent on a mission by Polaris Dance Theatre to pass out flyers about the upcoming event the Fertile Ground Festival's new dance hub, the Groovin' Greenhouse, which is hosted at the Read more

Thank You

By: Amanda Coleman, LMT/SOMA Practitioner | Published January 24, 2011

The following post was written by Amanda Coleman, who is a Nia White Belt graduate, licensed massage therapist and SOMA practitioner. 

To Debbie, team NiaHQ, Nia teachers everywhere, students who have dared to show up to class, and every lover of Nia who has grabbed a friend and said, you have to come with me:

Thank you.

I have been loving and dancing Nia for two years now, and for the first time today I took class in a gym setting. And there, in t-shirted bodies and New Year’s resolved, weight-loss focused, sweat-seekin...

Nia Instructor Spotlight: Jill Pagano

By: Gretchen Musgrove | Published January 3, 2011

The following post is written by Nia Teacher Gretchen Musgrove of Seattle, WA. It was first published on her Blissful Fitness blog at blissfulfitness.blogspot.com.... Read more