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Karri Winn

Nia Black Belt Teacher
Portland, OR, United States

This is my Nia (bodymindemotionspirit educator) story timeline....

1993 - Living in Portland, a friend said "You have to check out this class downtown!" I did it and it changed my life in 1 hour. After suffering all of my life with exercise-induced asthma, for the first time i experience a cardio "workout", sweat and never once had to use an inhaler.  This was a LIBERATION!

1995-96 - Living in Portland again, I became super immersed in the practice and took classes twice a day. In a year i fully changed my body - something I had always struggled to do - with ease and effortlessness.  I didn't change my diet (which was already whole and natural foods etc). I lost 20+ lbs and droped 3 dress sizes.  I have easily maintained this change ever since.

1996-1998 - Living in Davis for graduate school with no access to Nia, I studied Aikido intensively for two years.

1999 - 2001 - Living in Oakland, CA i reconnected with Nia intensively at Angi Spector's studio MindBody Connection.  I was inspired to take the White Belt - I thought so that I could learn more about this great practice, i realized that in order to go deeper i would have to be a teacher.

May 2001 I took the White Belt.  Somehow during this time I was interviewed by Jeff and this became part of the NiaNow promo DVD.  Later that year I had the great opportunity to travel to South Africa and teach Nia master classes and workshops in Cape Town!

2001-2008 I did an intensive Ashtanga Yoga practice (http://www.monkeyyogashala.com) with Tim Thompson in Oakland.

I taught Nia all over the Bay Area during this time frame: Body Tonic in SF, 24 Hour Fitness in Berkeley, StudioRasa in Berkeley, Temescal Arts Center in Oakland, Nautilus of Marin in San Rafael, 7th Heaven in Berkeley,

2002 I took the Blue Belt.

Shortly thereafter in May, I had a chance meeting with Carlos when I asked him "why is Principle #11 (Business and Marketing) of the White Belt, Principle #11?" Meaning that, unlike any of the other principles, this one seemed totally disconnected from the body. Carlos said "you'll have to answer your own questions." In August 2002 while working on an event called Green Festival (http://www.greenfestivals.org) I learned about an amazing new business school (http://www.greenmba.com) dedicated to business leadership and business that engenders health and wellness. In biz vernacular, this is called the "Triple Bottom Line", i.e., social, ecological and financial profit. I applied and was immediately accepted.

From the beginning of my b-school odyssey, I did all of my projects on Nia with the idea that the Nia company can simultaneiously promote health and wellness in society by the way it manages business decisions. I am hugely passionate about the idea that the dance of the business body offers self-healing to society by the way we align with other values oriented companies to the kinds of products that are used in the delivery of services/products.

2005 I graduated from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (http://www.bgiedu.org) with an MBA in Sustainability Management.

2005 I took the Brown Belt.

2008 I shared Nia at the Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia - it was incredible.

2008, 2009 and 2010 I taught Nia at MovementPlay (http://www.movementplay.com) - one of the coolest events in NorCal featuring the mindbodyspirit movement arts.

January 2009 I moved to Portland, Or.

This opened a new doorway of collaboration with Debbie Rosas.  Still pursuing my inquiry of Principle #11, I ultimately succeeded in redesigning the principle, developing one of the pivotal sessions of the Nia White Belt and from there helped Debbie design and implement the Next Generation Trainer Training Program.  I teach the Principle 11 session at all White Belt Intensives in Portland and I am in the process of developing a program to take this education to Nia teachers, students and people everywhere around the world.  Principle 11 is a consumate body-centered lifestyle philosophy that creates resilience in the human body and society at large.

I teach regular classes at StudioNia in Portland, Or on Sundays and Mondays and I am the primary stand in for Debbie Rosas.

With supreme gratitude, I am able to live into my greatness in the creative collaboration with Debbie and her entire staff at The Nia Technique. 

In retrospect, it is not "why" is business principle #11; rather, it is "how" is business principle #11?  The answer to the "how" is Creating a Sacred Livelihood.

January 2010 the Nia White Belt LEARN Book was finally published and included Principle 11# Creating a Sacred Livelihood: The business of My Body and My Life

November 2011 I retook the White Belt and self-designated myself as a Quantum White Belt.....meaning, after seeing the whole Nia landscape, the simplicity of White Belt 13 is outstanding to me and I have rededicated my efforts to deepening my relationship with this principle as a sorcery storyteller moving my living legend.

August 2009 to present I have been in a deep collaboration with Debbie Rosas including the development of Principle 11 and then the design and implementation of Nia's Next Generation Trainer Training Program and currently detailing the foundation for a new sub-branch of phenomenology called Sensation Science.

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