Kendra Dicker-Deutsch

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My Credentials

  • B.A. English Education, M.A. Reading Specialist, NETA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Kendra Dicker-Deutsch

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
Montgomery, IL, United States

High school English teacher by days and Nia teacher by nights and weekends, I enjoy Nia as way to bring peace, wellness, and fun into my everyday life. Described by a friend as "The Mimosa of Nia Teachers--sweet, effervescent, and intoxicating," I take a soulful and playful approach to teaching my classes. My intent is for my Nia students to feel the same joy and healing that I do as I dance.

My love of Nia was seeded in the summer of 2005. During my first class, I remember thinking to myself that it was the most fun I'd ever had exercising, and I am a woman who enjoys a good workout. I continued taking classes from different teachers throughout the Geneva area, and my love of this form of movement blossomed.  Never before had I taken classes that made me feel so beautiful, powerful, and blissful.  It was truly a workout for my mind body and soul.  I just knew that I wanted to teach this art form so that I could share it with others!

In the summer of 2010, I had the pleasure of training in Lansing with Winalee Zeeb.  I was able to begin teaching Nia in October of the same year. 

When people ask me to describe this "Nia thing" I often struggle for just the right words, but the best description I can offer you is how it makes me feel.  Imagine the euphoria of a private moment in your living room dancing your heart out, not thinking or worrying if anyone is watching.  For me, that is what Nia began as--a fun way to move, a good workout that kept a smile on my face.  Today, Nia has brought me much more than fitness and weight loss: it has helped me learn about myself, it has brought me to a wonderful group of friends, and it continues to teach me lessons as I continue on my path.

As a continuation of my journey, I returned to Michigan to train with Winalee Zeeb and Caroline Kohles during the summer of 2011 for my Green Belt and the summer of 2012 for my Blue Belt.  I have also attended the Nia 52 Moves Training.

Nia is my passion. Join me for an opportunity to share in delight as you explore the JOY of movement.

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My Locations

Location Link
State Street Dance Studio
9 North Fourth Street, Geneva, IL, US
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Cadence Fitness and Health Center
296 Randall Road, Geneva, IL, US
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Boulder Point
Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery, IL, US
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South Point
810 Preston Lane, Oswego, IL, US
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Civic Center
5 Ashlawn Avenue, Montgomery, IL, US
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The Attic Christian Arts Center
26 N. Island Street, Batavia, IL, US
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Vaughan Athletic Center
2121 W Indian Trail , Aurora, IL, US
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Clarus Center
28379 Davis Parkway, Warrenville, IL, US
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Avery Family YMCA
15120 Wallin Drive, Plainfield, IL, US
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My Nia Classes

Day(s) Timesort icon Location Link
Thursday 7:00pm - 7:55pm Vaughan Athletic Center
2121 W Indian Trail , Aurora, IL, US
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Tuesday 10:00am - 11:00am Vaughan Athletic Center
2121 W Indian Trail , Aurora, IL, US
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.