Mandi Degner

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My Credentials

  • BA- Psychology, Communication, MS-Community Psychology student

Mandi Degner

Nia White Belt Teacher
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


Sharing the joy and my love of Nia is one of my very favorite things to do! Whether encouraging someone to try a new kind of excercise by trying a Nia class for the first time, or in teaching a class, I can't help but share the true joy that I myself have experienced through Nia. I came to my first Nia class in December 2012. I was at a point in which I was uncertain if I could ever appreciate my body, much less love it. Years of excessive and obsessive exercise, PTSD, and countless relapse and recovery episodes from anorexia had worn on my body, mind and emotions. My body and I were so disconnected that I couldn't even think about ever actually appreciating my body. It hurt, and I wasn't confident that I could ever truly maintain my eating disorder recovery. Having danced ballet for 15 years, dancing again seemed impossible after so many years. Thank goodness for the amazing combination of form AND freedom in Nia!! For the first time, no one was telling me that the way I was dancing was wrong or bad !! If it created joy in my body, it was perfect. After a few months, I noticed a shift in my mind and emotions. I no longer felt the need to change my body or criticize it any longer!! I remember the day I was able to look at the person I saw dancing in the mirror. I saw someone who loved and cared for her body, and treated it with the nourishment and movement it longed for AND deserved! I recieved my White Belt in July 2013 and I continue to love learning more about sharing the practice of Nia with anyone who wants to experience the joy of expressive body-centered movement in fun and healthy ways! Come and join me!

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My Locations

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CORE/El Centro
130 West Bruce St., Milwaukee, WI, US
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My Nia Classes

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Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:15pm CORE/El Centro
130 West Bruce St., Milwaukee, WI, US
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.