Classic Nia

Bonnie Frenkel

Classic Nia Class

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12:00pm - 1:00pm

Day: Monday

Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


3073 South Chase Avenue (Corner of Chase and Oklahoma. Inside Chase Commerce Center) , Milwaukee, WI, US


$64 for 8 classes

Notes About This Class

Monday Nia classes resume September 8, 2014

Bring a friend and increase your JOY of movement. Bring water bottle and wear comfy clothing!!


"Bonnie taught one of the very first Nia classes I ever attended. Having only attended 3 classes before that, I was a Nia new-bie. I was unfamiliar to the Nia Technique, 52 moves, or principles at that point.  I just knew that I liked being able to dance again after having been away from dance for 10 years. I felt awkward as a new dance student again, but then I remember feeling safe and welcome in Bonnie's class and free to express myself, even if I wasn't familiar with Nia. Bonnie's unique teaching style was fun and interactive, while also warm and supportive of a new student who needed to know that movement through dance could be fun, safe and reflective all at the same time! Bonnie's classes allow students of all abilities the supportive space they need to discover the joy of dancing their own bodies, spirits, and emotions!" M. D. 

"I took Bonnie's Nia class as a new Nia instructor. She took me under here Nia wing and taught me confidence,fun,play and ease while getting an awesome work out! It was such a relaxed atmosphere, not only to be in as a dancer but as a beginner instructor as well. Thank you Bonnie!"
Kathee Flamini, Nia dance instructor,Reiki Master/Teacher

"Bonnie's Nia class is fun AND physically good for me. As a person with chronic headaches who avoids exercise, I am always so glad when Mondays come, when I can enjoy music and movement that energizes my body AND emotions...I always come away feeling like I used to after a great 9th grade dance party, goose bumps and all." Cindy Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist, Co-Owner, WildHeart Studios


*always consult with a physician prior to starting an exercise program*