Classic Nia

Jill Pagano

Classic Nia Class

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8:45am - 9:45am

Day: Saturday

Time: 8:45am - 9:45am


7901 SW 35th Ave, Seattle, WA, US


$17 drop in, 5 Class Pass- $72.50, or included with Jill's Unlimited Monthly Membership

Notes About This Class

Nia Practice with Faculty Trainer, Jill Pagano

This 6-week class is dedicated to practicing Nia's 52 moves using the routine SOUL. Each week we'll review a song from SOUL, learn the 52 moves in the song and practice them with and without the music.  You'll get hands-on instruction on crafting the move in your body, based on your body's way. Practicing Nia's 52 moves enhances your embodiment, conditions specific parts of the body (ie hand techniques condition the hands) and enhances your ability to see all Nia routines as a blend of Nia's 52 moves. By learning the 52 moves you'll be able to decode Nia choreography with more ease and move your body with more skill for a greater conditioning effect and less injury-risk.

This series is excellent for the new-to-Nia person!

If you are a Nia White Belt Graduate or Nia Teacher, we'll layer in Nia's Principles for a greater depth of study.

Nia teachers receive a 20% off discount from Drop in or class card rate.

No registration necessary.

Purchasing the Nia book is recommended. We have used copies for discounted pricing at the studio.