Nia 5 Stages Playshop with Ann Boon and Helen Suchting

Ann Boon

Nia 5 Stages Playshop with Ann Boon and Helen Suchting

Nia 5 Stages Playshop with Ann Boon and Helen Suchting

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 1:00pm

End: Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 4:30pm


Seymour Street, Sandgate, Queensland, Australia


Pre-payment:  $75*      On the door:  $85*  *Investment includes a set of Nia Knee Pads, Take-home Practice Guide and Nourishing Afternoon Tea.

Contact us to sign up now!  Ann Boon  ph: 0437 392 424  email:    Helen Suchting  ph:  0403 124 504  email:     Direct deposit to :  A/C Name: Graceflow  BSB: 084293  A/C No: 179527004       

Notes About This Event

The Nia 5 Stages is a pleasurable, simple and powerful healing practice that is accessible to anybody and every BODY by moving through 5 ‘stages’ of developmental movement - namely Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking,  Adults can reclaim their youthful vitality and physical alignment with this practice and if offers a very simple way to feel better, every single time you do it. This Playshop is dedicated to you and your body and provides a beautiful environment to ‘be’ with your body in a way that honours exactly where you're at right now.  The Sandgate Town Hall offers an exquisite venue where we will create a safe space to explore movement and healing and to learn something new about your own body and how you can move it to live with ease, pleasure and joy.

This Playshop is for absolute beginners or regular practitioners.  We will explore anatomy in a fun way, with particular focus on the Feet - The Hands that Touch the Earth.  And through the course of three and a half hours you will have the chance to spend time going deeper into your own body’s way of moving, with the intention to leave feeling energised, alive, integrated and realigned.

WHAT TO BRING :  Knee pads will be provided and offered as a take-home gift from this Playshop so you can continue to practice what you have learnt at home.  Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, especially on the floor and coming up and down from the floor.  We will provide a nourishing afternoon tea, but please bring your own water bottle.


Nia 5 Stages is a physical practice based on five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Consciously moving through these stages as an adult re-integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in such a way that after just five minutes of practice, participants notice improvements in power, range of motion, and ease in areas of their bodies other forms of exercise do not affect. This process of realignment allows the body to do what it is designed to do: explore its potential, self-heal and grow.

Nia 5 Stages practice results in:

• Increased energy and vitality • Improved posture and grace • Increased Sensory IQ and overall body awareness • A deep sense of relaxation • Physical and energetic alignment

Nia 5 Stages practice is excellent for:

• Reclaiming optimal alignment and functioning • Releasing tension and blocked energy • Regaining flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability (FAMSS) • Reclaiming and maintaining joint mobility and muscle balance • Cross-training for any physical activity


Since the creation of Nia in 1983, co-founder Debbie Rosas was inspired by remarkable people in the field of somatic education, including Stanley Keleman, author of Emotional Anatomy. As Debbie began to develop Nia’s FloorPlay, part of her study included researching Keleman’s work and playing with developmental movement. This inspired her to look at healing, restructuring and re-patterning from a foundational perspective. While Keleman used the developmental stages to investigate emotions, Debbie focused on the physical and energetic benefits they offer.

Using the design of the body as her map and sensation as her guide, Debbie began closely examining the organic process of how we learn to walk. What she discovered was a simple and efficient way to allow the body to naturally realign itself - physically and energetically - that leads to self-healing (feeling better) and conditioning. Debbie found that powerful results could be achieved by moving through these developmental stages; and that no matter how many times people practice, profound changes occur. Her findings from years of practice and research led to the development of the Nia 5 Stages - first introduced in Classic Nia, and now offered as stand- alone classes, workshops, and an in-depth Teacher Training.