Stine Masseboeuf

Stine Masseboeuf

Nia White Belt Teacher
Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

I love Nia, and my experience is that it is becoming a bigger and bigger part of me. It is a mindset, and a way of life! And it just makes sense-! My goal as a Nia teacher is to share my joy of music and dance, and that exercise, music and movement can be so pleasant, -even terribly comfortable in the right combo. I also hope to be able to convey some of the logics behind the Nia mindset, but either way, when you get addicted to the truly good stuff, you definitely want to come back for more!

I am currently so lucky to be mentored by the gorgeous blue belt Nia teacher Cathy Ferris and have co teached with the great yoga and Nia teacher Marilene Walker, both situated in Aberdeen. We are thriving little group, so I aspire to start teaching Nia classes in Aberdeen soon.

If you are passing by Aberdeen, do get in touch. 



I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.