2010 Course of Study

Use Awareness to Create Your Life!

By: Debbie Rosas Stewart | Published April 27, 2010

“What our lives are about is what awareness is.”
Stanley Keleman

If you go to any self-help workshop, new age gathering, or transformational seminar, you will hear the word "awareness." Awareness is sold as something tangible, something you must acquire – something that will change your life if you do manage to get it. Awareness is often marketed as a kind of "snake-oil medicine" that can remedy all, a product that some of us on the truth-seeking path will do just about anything to get our hands on. Why? Because awareness is power. Awareness is exciting, stimulating, transformational and healing. Awareness has the power to rock your world into a...

FreeDance Your Passion

By: Debbie Rosas Stewart | Published March 30, 2010

“When we know that the transmission of experience is somatic, we can see how to find our way back to a somatic reference. It brings another body into existence. This mimics creation. From our body’s deep desires, tissue consciousness grows. The body communicates it in stories we call myth."

—Stanley Keleman, Myth & the Body

I love so many things about Nia and one of my favorite practices is something we do called FreeDance. Unlike the structure of what many people imagine as "dance," FreeDance is rooted in freedom, providing you with a way to play with movement, music and emotion. The result, time and again, is the endless discovery of new ways to move your b...

The Art of Listening

By: Debbie Rosas Stewart | Published February 23, 2010

Just as listening is key to any human relationship, music is no different; we have a relationship with music. The more we learn to listen to it, the better we can communicate with anything--and for those of us of us who dance, the better we can dance.

Like another person, investing your total attention in music will deepen your relationship, making it possible to intimately know the unique personality of the "other," of the song. Each song is different; each has its own unique beat, instrumentation, structure and surprises. I can assure you, learning to listen to music with more than my ears, with my entire body, has made me a much better communicator with people.

The art of listening is the art of hearing; hear...

RAW and the 8BC Music System

By: Debbie Rosas Stewart | Published February 23, 2010

RAW stands for the state of being in a Relaxed body, Alert mind and Waiting spirit. This is the practice we use to listen with full attention by creating a state of "no inner dialogue." In RAW, you are not distracted by thoughts, desires, likes or dislikes; you are in a place of internal silence--physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Relaxed refers to the body, either standing or sitting, with an upright spine. Your chakra centers are aligned and open. Relaxed is marked by an absence of tension in your body.

Alert refers to the mind and means that while your body is relaxed, your mind is not sleepy. Instead, your mind is alert--not preoccupied with thoughts or ...

The Voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood

By: | Published February 13, 2010

I am the voice of Creating a Sacred Livelihood. My universal wisdom comes from knowing that you and the body are a gift. I am coded to inspire and direct you – and your body – to do that which will fulfill you in deep and meaningful ways. You will find me when you connect to your spirit and when you listen to your heart, reminding you of what you are here to do. I am never far from you.

Creative and sacred, we are designed to manifest greatness in the world. Doing is of utmost importance, as “doing” in your life is how you discover the right path, your purpose. Listen to your desires. Feel them deep from within the core of your body. Recognize and acknowledge this ache as a call to manifest your gre...

Creating Your Sacred Livelihood Scroll

By: Nia | Published February 13, 2010

Use this scroll to help you explore and Create Your Sacred Livelihood.

The file is a PDF designed to be printed on both sides of a blank legal size (8 1/2" x 14") piece of paper.

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