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Nia Trainer of the Year 2010

By: Debbie Rosas | Published January 25, 2011

Presented to Winalee Zeeb...with Dolphin Joy!

We created another new award this year, as a way to honor members of the Nia Faculty who have blown us away with their passion, skill, dedication, impeccable communication, commitment to personal and professional growth, service to Nia and to local and global communities—and most of all: joy.

The title of Nia Trainer comes with great responsibility, as every breath, word, choice and move of a trainer must model what it means to choose and share joy. To enter this realm is a powerful and ongoing achievement. To rise above in this realm is a truly sacred act. This said, it is our pleasure to prese...

Nia Teacher of the Year 2010

By: Jeff Stewart | Published January 25, 2011

Presented to Mario Reinthaler 
Nia Black Belt Teacher

The close of 2010 marks the third year Nia has presented the "Nia Teacher of the Year Award." In 2008, we presented this to Trainer Ann Christiansen, for her dedication to the depth of the work and her astounding perseverance in building the Nia business in and across Europe. Our second award in 2009 went to New York Nia student Joanne Edgar, who, while not a professional teacher, was chosen because she teaches us all through her choices and actions—by modeling what it means to live as a sacred athlete. (She ran her first marathon at a...

Nia Livelihood Award 2010

By: Debbie Rosas | Published January 25, 2011

Presented to Joe Terry

Two years ago, we presented the first "Nia Teacher of the Year Award," to recognize teachers who truly shine in embodying and sharing the joy of Nia. This year marks the launch of another award, to acknowledge those who may not teach but celebrate and support Nia in a powerful way: The Nia Livelihood Award. So without further ado, we're proud to announce Nia's very first recipient of this special award: Joe Terry, loving husband of Nia Trainer Helen Terry.

Husband to Helen and father of Liliana, Joe exemplifies what it means to love, support, give, nurture, build, protect and cultivate the ve...

Music as My Muse

By: Debbie Rosas Stewart | Published February 23, 2010

"Antonio Stradivari made some of his most beautiful violins from a pile of broken, waterlogged oars he found on the docks of Venice one day. Like the David hiding inside Michelangelo's rough block of marble, or the prophets and sibyls hiding behind the emptiness of wet, freshly prepared fresco walls, in Stradivari's imagination the form of the finished violin was tangibly present in the raw chunks of wood. The fulcrum of the transformation is the mind at play, having nothing to gain and nothing to lose, working and playing around the limits and resistances of the tools we hold in our hands." - Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman

I'd like to say I love music, but the truth is, it's not the music I love but the physical and em...

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