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Breaking New Ground on a Global Dance Floor: How I became the first Nia teacher in Beirut, Lebanon

By: Junaline Bañez-Moussi | Published October 4, 2013

I discovered Nia early 2012 on a late night Youtube watching spree. What I saw amazed me: movement that was easy, joyful, flowing and synchronized, drawn from the martial arts, healing arts and dance arts. I live in Lebanon where, at the time, there were no Nia classes. It made me think how someday I wanted to take a Nia class.

Months passed and I forgot about Nia. I went to Greece to join the Awakening Women’s Institute for their annual women’s leadership training. I met Fedra Fox Cubeddu a Nia teacher from Italy. Already a yoga devotee, my rediscovery of joyful movement and dancing was ignited. As I got to know Fedra, and observed her moving ‘her body’s way’ in our free dance exercises, I returne...

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Why I do Nia

By: Beth Noelle | Published September 25, 2013

Beth's story of how Nia has changed her and what she knows it can do for you!
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Spectacle de Danse du Marais

By: Regine Petit | Published September 6, 2013

Check out this fantastic video of Regine Petit performing with Nia dancers at Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione de Paris. You'll catch a glimpse of some choreography and music from an upcoming routine by Ann Christiansen that will be released later this year.

Nia Teacher Shines with Prosthetic Leg and Finds New Meaning to Health and Fitness

By: Penny Adams | Published August 30, 2013

I grew up in a large family in the beautiful city of Nelson, New Zealand. When I was born, the lower part of my left leg had not developed correctly. By 10 months old I was wearing an artificial leg. It instantly became part of my life. Putting on my leg became as natural to me as putting on a pair of shoes. I didn’t think too much about my leg as a child. I just got on with an active outdoor lifestyle. It didn’t occur to my family, my friends, or me that there was anything I couldn’t do. I have always participated in all types of sports, from competitive trampoline to squash. My left leg has always been quite comfortable, but with excess activity, it can become sore, at worst very difficult to walk on. Although it cert...

Nia has Profound Affect on Alzheimer Patients and Healing Populations

By: Casey Bernstein | Published July 25, 2013

I was exposed to Nia in 1988 in Syracuse, NY through Dani Riposo. She had just attended the IDEA fitness conference where Debbie and Carlos had presented Nia for the first time. It was at the peak of the Jane Fonda aerobic craze. I moved to Albany, NY and attended my first Nia White Belt Training in 1990. Despite the aerobic craze, just like Debbie and Carlos, I knew there had to be people that would love Nia as much as I did.

My first official class was teaching Nia at a Women’s Health center. I was a nurse and nurses managed it, so this was a good fit. I become certified to teach aerobics to gain a presence in gyms and aerobic studios. I rented studio time in a dumpy performance space in order to teach independently. All ...

Update on Nia's Support for Architecture For Humanity

By: Vickie Saito | Published March 13, 2013

Vickie Saito is a Nia Black Belt Teacher and White Belt Trainer. With over 22 years experience in the movement arts, Vickie brings somatic skill and playful self-discovery to each Nia experience. She lives in Portland, OR and travels teaching and leading Nia trainings internationally.

Dear Beloved Nia Community,

Two years ago the West Linn, Oregon Nia community brought our time, energy, and talent to together to manifest a successful Nia Jam benfefit for communities affected by the 2011 tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan. As we all remember, the devastation caused by this natural disaster was catastrophic and widespread. To help offer support, we organized ou...

Dreams Come True! Rockets Game Flash Mob

By: Helen Terry | Published March 6, 2013

The following post was written by Helen Terry, international Nia Black Belt Teacher and Trainer. Recognized by Origins Magazine as a "Top Inspirer in Texas", Helen is multi-talented with a magical formula. She combines experience and knowledge with determination and faith to consciously create and bring ideas to life.

Our Houston Nia community is experiencing a rising of epic proportions.

Like thousands of others around the globe, our Houston studio, NiaMoves, hosted a special One Billion Rising (OBR) Nia class on Valentine's Day. The response was phenomenal. Folks who were new to class and movers we hadn't seen in years joined our regular par...

The Power of Love - One Billion Rising

By: Sophie Marsh | Published March 1, 2013

The following post was written by Sophie Marsh, Nia Black Belt Teacher and White Belt Trainer. Sophie thrives on sharing her contagious passion for Nia, inspiring people to live their authentic joy and offering innovative Nia classes, playshops, retreats and White Belt trainings in Australia and beyond.

If 2012 was the year of transformation, it feels like 2013 is shaping up as the year of love! 

For our Aussie Nia tribe, this journey began with the Blue Belt training in Brisbane. The focus of Blue Belt is body-centered communication, relationship, and intimacy. What an incredible privilege to witness 29 women...

Celebrating Spektrum Studio + Annette Girps

By: Nia Technique | Published January 3, 2013

Germany's newest Nia-centered fitness studio is up and running, and we'd like to celebrate it! On October 1st, Nia Black Belt teacher Annette Girps launched Spektrum Studio in Friedlingen, Germany.

Annette has long-held the dream of owning her own movement space since completing her White Belt Training in 2006. Her vision was to create a space that was simple, void of distractions, warm, and welcoming. As Annette shares, "Our goal is to offer a place to sense comfort and ease, experience joy, be centered, and to love your body!". Spektrum offers a wide range of Nia classes, including Classic Nia, Nia for 60+, Nia for Te...

When the Body and Spirit Rejoice

By: Jodie Allenson | Published August 22, 2012

The following post is written by Jodie Allenson, who is a White Belt Nia teacher based in Noblesville, Indiana.

For centuries, many have realized that the mind/body/spirit connection, the relationship between our emotional self and our physical self, is exceptionally powerful. Unfortunately, I had a mind/body/spirit disconnect for most of my adult life. All along I thought that it was my body that wasn’t satisfying me, but now I realize that I wasn’t satisfying my body!

I have always had spinal issues due to Spina Bifida Occulta (a condition where my lower spine did not close completely while I was developing in the womb), but my overall health was never dramatically affected...

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