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Rhythmwood: A 10-Year Vision

By: Martha Randall | Published August 21, 2012

The following post is written by Nia Trainer Martha Randall, who is based in Toronto, Canada.

"Take me to the places on the earth that teach you how to dance, the places where you can risk letting the world break your heart, and I will take you to the places where the earth beneath my feet and the stars overhead make my heart whole again and again."

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer

As the world’s athletes were celebrated with a closing ceremony in London, England, last week, a number of Nia sacred athletes were gathered in the woods of an earthy, rural section of Ontario, Canada, to be witnesses to the opening ceremony of Rhythmwood, the Nia studi...

An Interview with Allison Rivers Samson

By: Nia | Published August 14, 2012

The following interview features Allison Rivers Samson, who is a Brown Belt certified Nia teacher and the creator of Allison's Gourmet.

What is your background?

I live with my husband, David, who recently earned his Nia Blue Belt, and our vibrant, nearly 6-year-old daughter, Olivia, in northern California, where I dance, garden and play in the kitchen while concocting new, delectable goodies.

In 1997, I was awakened to the myriad of benefits of veganism, including optimized health, compassion for others, and care for our precious planet. This inspired me to create my award-winning company,

A Powerful Act: The Integration of Nia and Therapy

By: Erika Ruber, LCSW, Nia Teacher | Published August 8, 2012

The following post is written by Erika Ruber, who is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher and LCSW in Portland, Oregon.

Today I experienced a beautiful culmination of my paths as Nia teacher and psychotherapist. Witnessing my client/Nia student courageously and gracefully share her “60th Birthday/Transition Dance Ritual” that we co-created was indeed a gift and a blessing.

The seed was born in a therapy session we had about a year ago. We were discussing her powerful transformation from a victim to a powerful woman choosing her own destiny. As we discussed the feeling of choice, I asked her to stand up and show me a gesture to symbolize how she felt. She began to use her hands,...

Dance/Movement Therapy & Nia: More Than Just Dance

By: Lori Lynn Meader & Teresa D’Angelo, Nia Black Belts | Published July 31, 2012

This guest post is written by Lori Lynn Meader and Teresa D’Angelo, and was first published in American Dance Therapy Association's newsletter.

Have you ever wondered what dance/movement therapy (DMT) and Nia have in common? Here in New Jersey, we recently had the opportunity to find out for ourselves by teaming with practitioners of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association for a workshop on "Dance/Movement Therapy and Nia–More Than Just Dance." We opened with the basic principles behind dance/movement therapy and Nia, and then experienced movement with each modality used by Nia.

Dance/movement therapy ...

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Paying It Forward

By: Daniel Curtis | Published July 24, 2012

The following post is written by Daniel Curtis (the son of Nia Trainer Holly Nastasi), who suffered a spinal cord injury in May of 2011. Those interested in donating directly to his cause may do so here.

It’s important to remember how fickle life can be. Memorial Day, May 31, 2011, was one of the tamest holiday weekends I have ever celebrated in my adulthood. It seemed like the smallest moment in time; it happened so quickly, but it detrimentally changed my life forever. We’ve all had a misstep, or stubbed a toe, rolled an ankle ...

New Directions

By: Susan Sloan, Nia Trainer | Published July 17, 2012

This guest story is written by Susan Sloan, who is a Nia teacher and trainer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I followed my passion and became a Nia teacher and trainer. I have been a recruitment agent for 19 years. My journey to follow my passion started eight years ago, when I discovered the Nia White Belt Training and naturally felt the pull to enroll in the training to heal my knees. However, after the training, I wanted to use the tools I had learned to start teaching Nia. I, along with two colleagues, created the first regular Nia class in Johannesburg. Within a year, we were offering three classes per week, and the classes had grown so big, the students were...



Teaching Nia to Kids at StudioNia

By: Tahirih Silcock, Nia Teacher | Published July 3, 2012

This guest post is written by Tahirih Silcock, who is a Nia teacher based in Portland, Oregon.

I started my Nia practice a little more than a year ago and had no idea the blessings yet to come. In a life that is so unpredictable, the thing that has been my constant is Nia.

I recently moved back to Portland from Boise, Idaho. While there, I searched out a Nia class. I came upon Nia Trainer Britta Von Tagen’s Nia studio, The Dojo, and made that the place of my rebirth as a Nia dancer and teacher.

The Dojo offers classes for adults and kids; I was fortunate to observe and assist in the kids classes, and learn how to adapt Nia to a younger crowd. ...

Send Your Support to the Nia Community in Colorado

By: Loretta Milo, Nia Trainer | Published June 27, 2012

This guest post is written by Loretta Milo, who is a Nia trainer and teacher based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Today, I find myself experiencing a full range of emotions, from sadness and grief to love to comfort and consolation. Yesterday, as I drove to teach my Tuesday night Nia class at the Pikes Peak YMCA, a class that I have taught for more than eight years, I realized that it was going to be a very different class. There would be many wildfire evacuees, as the YMCA has been set up to receive evacuees. There would also be long-time students whose homes were under siege immediately.

We are very close community of Nia students an...

Nia as a Lifestyle Practice

By: Nia Trainer Allison Wright | Published June 25, 2012

This guest post is written by Allison Wright, who is a Nia trainer and teacher based in Portland, Oregon.

As Ram Das said, "Practice is like a roller coaster. Each new high is usually followed by a new low. There are stages at which you feel pulled to inner work and all you seek it a quiet place to meditate and get on with it, and there are stages where you turn outward and seek to be involved with the market place. Both of these parts of the cycle are part of one’s practice. What happens to you in the market place helps your meditation. Likewise, what happens in your meditation helps you to participate in the market place without attachment. At first you will think of practice as a l...

Trust, Risk, Play and Create a Life Worth Living

By: Nia Trainer Sophie Marsh | Published June 5, 2012

This post is written by Nia Teacher and Trainer Sophie Marsh, who thrives on sharing her contagious passion for Nia and inspiring people to live authentically. She teaches innovative Nia classes, playshops, retreats and White Belt Trainings.

Have you ever wanted to go beyond what feels safe and shape your life into a magnificent tale of adventure and triumph?

During my childhood, the "good girl" in me gained a feeling of worth by helping and pleasing others, taking roles of responsibility (read bossy big sister!), achieving academic success and doing what I believed was expected of me. Her strengths gave me self-discipline, the power of intention, and ...

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