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Stepping Into Nia

By: Elizabeth Kiser, Nia Teacher | Published May 16, 2012

Elizabeth Kiser is a Brown Belt certified Nia teacher based in Cobourg, Ontario. 

I walked into my first Nia Technique class about 10 years ago. It was different from anything else I’d done. Looking through the glass window that separated the Nia class from the open area of the gym, I had seen a variety of women all dancing around, smiling and serious as they went through their motions. Not being able to hear the music they were dancing to, I thought they looked kind of funny, and yet, not. Each of the women were dressed in cool-looking, flowing pants, and beautiful, feminine tops. They had beads of sweat dripping down their backs and smiles on their face...

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Paris, Nia and a Weekend to Remember

By: Helen Terry | Published May 10, 2012

Helen Terry is a Nia trainer, teacher, studio co-owner and Nia Retreat Center proprietor based in Montgomery, Texas. She has been devoted to teaching Nia full time since 1993, and travels around the world to share the practice. 

Before I fly around the world to share and teach Nia, I sometimes question leaving my family and my studio. I also question the time and money involved in traveling. Then I arrive at the venue, see the anticipatory excitement on participants’ faces, have a blast inspiring attendees, and revel in helping others rekindle the joy of movement. It makes it all worth it.

White Belt Graduates Thank Nia Trainer Yonit Lerner Ofan

By: Hila, Lihi, Anat, Shelly, Ayelet Hashahar, Ronit and Tuli | Published April 9, 2012

This letter was written by White Belt trainees to Nia Trainer Yonit Lerner Ofan, in appreciation of her teaching and guidance.

Here we are at the end of our 7th week of the Nia White Belt Training (this training was structured a bit differently, as we met once per week for seven weeks in a row). We are excited and having difficulties sharing our words of closure.

This is a time of beginnings and not the end. We are just starting our journey. You, Yonit, know more than others that this White Belt training is an important and valuable milestone in our journey. Each one of us has her own life, family, friends, reasons, desires, purpose, dance and shining North...

Healing Through Listening

By: Amy Podolsky | Published April 3, 2012

Amy Podolsky teaches adult and kid classes at Yoga and Nia for Life in West Concord, MA, and truly aspires to share the same joy, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit that her Nia teachers have so freely given to her.

As I sit and write this essay, I am 3.5 weeks into a 4-week interruption of my “regularly scheduled” life. I am recovering from surgery (reconstruction after skin cancer removal, and all I will say is this: wear your sunblock!), and according to doctor’s orders, I am unable to perform “any activity that will raise [my] heart rate.” As both a devoted teacher and student of Nia, this mandated pause in my practice has been a big bummer, to say the least.

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A Costa Rican Adventure

By: Wendy Roman | Published March 27, 2012

Wendy Roman is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher and Nia 5 Stages instructor based in Ontario, Canada. Nia continues to give Wendy a creative outlet where she can teach and inspire others to dance through life in a joyful way.

Recently, I hosted a Nia/Sound Healing retreat in Costa Rica with my co-facilitator Dennis Gaumond. Dennis is a soundwork facilitator, who I have been working with for the past three years. Our work dovetails beautifully together, and this February we took 15 of my Nia students from Canada to Finca de Vida, a healing retreat and organic farm on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It was a great success, and was even described as "life-changing" by some. Our hosts a...

Paddleboarding & The Nia 52 Moves

By: Kathy deWet-Oleson | Published February 27, 2012

Kathy is a Black Belt certified Nia teacher and Nia 5 Stages teacher. She has an M.S. in Exercise Science, a B. A. in Psychology, and currently teaches a variety of group fitness classes, including Nia, at Moorpark College and the Ventura Nia Center.

My first week since the Nia 52 Moves Training has been full of sensational experiences. I cherish the way my Nia practice crosses over into multiple aspects of day-to-day life as well as into the sports and recreational activities I enjoy. I started the sport of standup paddleboarding in 2009 when I learned my father had cancer. It was a wake up call not to put off fulfilling my desires. I now paddle long distance races as...

My Body & The Nia 52 Moves

By: Jeanne Catherine, Nia Trainer | Published February 14, 2012

Jeanne Catherine is a Nia teacher and trainer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. She earned her BA in Dance & Theater from Antioch College and began her personal journey with Nia in 2003.

From the time I was 11 years old until I was 21, I spent a lot of time in physical pain. I distrusted my body and hated myself. It was through Nia that I found respite from this way of viewing my body and was able to begin a new conversation with myself. Now, free of chronic pain, I find that I want my physical conditioning to be filled with love, support and the actualization of my full potential.

So when Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, 5 trainers, 25 part...

Nia for Equestrians: A Synchronous Partnership

By: Randee Fox | Published February 8, 2012

Randee Fox, pictured right, is a Nia trainer and equestrian educator located in Sammamish, Washington. She is currently creating Nia for Equestrians®. (Photo credit: Chris Sollart)

Dance has been an important element in my life for over 30 years. I dance for self-expression, artistry, release, wellness, joy, and to inspire others. I also dance to be a better equestrian. I practiced African dance before owning my first horse in 1991, after which I soon began to show horses.

On the morning before horse shows I’d dance in my living room to Miriam Makeba music with a strong focus on my center or “hara” and breath – releasing pre-show jitters and tightnes...

Nia as a Life Lesson

By: Karen Talboys | Published January 30, 2012

My name is Karen Talboys. I had gastric by-pass surgery at Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, MA on November 24, 2008. When I registered for surgery, I weighed in at 343 pounds.

As you can imagine, at 343 pounds, walking was a chore. I couldn't even walk from my car to my desk at work every morning without stopping to find a place to sit down to rest my back. I couldn't walk through an airport without resting at every gate I passed. Life was very difficult physically and my activity level was decreasing daily.

As I started to lose weight after the surgery, I looked around for some activity that I would like. I'd never been much for exercise, even as a kid, so what could I possibly find that I...

Thoughts On Being 2011 Trainer of the Year

By: Holly Nastasi, Nia Trainer & Teacher | Published January 30, 2012

The year 2011 started with a tremendous rush of Nia excitement for me. The Next Generation Trainer (NGT) Program was being launched, and a great expansion of Nia was beginning. I was there, part of it, on many, many levels. This expansion also meant advancement for me, as I prepared to begin teaching Green Belt and Blue Belt Trainings. Alongside the next generation of Nia trainers, I was studying and preparing to step forward and up.

My studio in Santa Fe was also expanding. Classes were full, teachers were developing their craft, and relationships were being cultivated. It was, and still is, a rich Nia environment. I had a vision of...

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