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Four Ways The Nia Livelihood Membership Package Can Enrich Your Life

By: Nia | Published September 22, 2010

If you’ve only taken the Nia White Belt Training, you may not know that you’ve just barely touched on an entire movement lifestyle practice. So to help you go deeper – and to discover Nia’s true potential to positively affect your body, mind, emotions and spirit – we created the Nia Livelihood Membership Package. This package serves as the perfect complement to Nia’s training series, and is available to all Nia White Belt Training graduates. It gives you:

Discounts on Nia Products

Livelihood members receive exclusive discounts at the Nia Store, including 50% off most NiaWear purchas...

StudioNia Fundraising Event for Pakistan a Huge Success

By: Nia | Published September 15, 2010

Just this past Friday, StudioNia (the Nia International Training Center) hosted its "Dance Jam for Pakistan," which raised more than $500 to help the 20 million people affected by the floods. We also received generous donations to our online Mercy Corps page from those who could not attend the event. Thank you to all the wonderful students, teachers and supporters who made a difference. Donations are still being accepted here. A flyer has been made available to teachers who wish to...

Join us at the 2010 Inner IDEA Conference

By: Nia | Published September 14, 2010

We’re counting down the days until we attend the world's leading wellness event, the 2010 Inner IDEA Conference, held September 23-26 at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California. Besides soaking up the sunny weather, magnificent vistas and beautiful gardens, we’ll be studying integrated wellness with the industry's top researchers, teachers and innovators. Debbie Rosas is one of about 35 renowned presenters who has been selected to participate as faculty. She will teach the following Nia sessions:

Session #310: The Five Developmental Stages – A Path to Realignment and Self-Healing


"Psychology Today" talks about Nia

By: Nia | Published September 9, 2010

In an article on Psychology Today, Alan Fogel (Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City) discusses the benefits of movement with body sense awareness. He states, "Cardiovascular exercise with body sense has more benefits than exercising while otherwise preoccupied." He goes on to say, "[Nia] combines a cardiovascular workout with movement awareness and is done barefoot to music. Nia uses elements of tai chi, aikido, modern dance, Feldenkrais, and yoga, among other methods. Using the sounds and silences of music, students experience feeling the sense of joy in movement in a way t...

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A Fantastic Video of Debbie's Trip to Paris, France

By: Nia | Published September 1, 2010

On July 17, 2010, the French and international Nia community welcomed Debbie in Paris. Here, Debbie taught a Nia class to more than 40 Nia teachers and students from France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States. 

Debbie says, “Nia was created out of a desire to want to find [not only] something that was rewarding… to the body… but also something that would illuminate the mind, transform the spirit and touch the soul... I get great joy in sharing this work and seeing all ages, all shapes, all belief systems, all religions, all nationalities, [and] all countries enjoying the art of moving and living in a body by choos...

How You Can Help Nia Provide Flood Relief For Pakistan

By: Nia | Published September 1, 2010

With your generosity and the dedication of Mercy Corps, we can help the 20 million people affected by the floods in Pakistan. Donate using Nia's fundraising page on the Mercy Corps website.

Or attend Nia's "Dance Jam for Pakistan" on Friday, September 10th at 5:45PM in Portland, Oregon at Studio Nia (918 SW Yamhill Street, 4th Floor). We'll be using movement and music to make a difference!

Share Your Nia Story by Submitting a Testimonial

By: Nia | Published August 20, 2010

Just yesterday we added a new feature to the homepage of our website, which allows you to conveniently share your Nia story. Submitting a testimonial is probably one of the best ways to express the benefits of the practice to someone who's never tried Nia before (apart from inviting them to a class). So if you take classes, participate in trainings or teach, go to and tell the world about it!

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We Love Black Belts

By: Nia | Published August 19, 2010

We captured some beautiful photographs of aspiring Black Belts training at StudioNia in Portland, Oregon this week. It's hard not to be inspired by such an incredible group. The Black Belt represents the highest level of mastery in a multi-level series taken for both personal enrichment and professional development. Read more about Nia Training here

The music is the first song of the newest routine called R1, which features choreography by Debbie Rosas Stewart, Helen Terry, Caroline Kohles and Kevin VerEecke. 

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A Movement Break at the Next Generation Trainer Program Kickoff Event

By: Nia | Published August 13, 2010

A lot is happening at StudioNia – the studio at Nia International Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. As part of the three-day kickoff event for a new ten-month program led by Debbie Rosas, this short movement break featuring aspiring Next Generation Trainers is a necessary pause in the midst of all the Nia excitment.

How the demand for a more meaningful and complete approach to wellness is being met by a growing movement lifestyle practice

By: Nia | Published August 9, 2010

Nia is making it easier than ever to live a healthy, fulfilling life thanks to its Next Generation Trainer Program.... Read more
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